Project 2 - Torrone Table


1 wooden TV table

Sand paper

Your images: What will you use to decorate your table?
if you are using photos printed from your computer, make sure they are on proper photo paper

Varnish (shellac, high-shine)

2 to 4 paint brushes

Safety goggles
*Always wear safety goggles, I crazy glued my eye shut once when doing nail art, it was terrible. Protect your peepers!

You'll also need a ventilated work space and some mood music that fits your theme. I like listening to Mario Lanza and Jimmy Roselli records!

Torrone Table Step 1
Torrone Table Step 2
Torrone Table Step 3
Torrone Table Step 4 & 5
Torrone Table Step 6
Torrone Table Step 7
Torrone Table


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